10 Ways to Be


10 Ways to Be



By Empowerment Life & Career Coach

Sonja Budreau

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From a very young adult, I wish I had had someone tell me about self-empowerment.  A list like this would have lifted me up every day especially during the hard moments in life when you are not sure what to do.  Whether you are in a unhealthy personal or professional situation, my goal is for this list is to guide you toward the right path.  If you are a highly driven women like I am but feel like you are spinning  your wheels, we should talk.  I have overcome much in my life to get to where I am today and each day is a blessing.  

I would love to hear how this list helps you and what you have learned about yourself.  Please reach out to let me know.  Also, please refer your friends to download this list.   Many Thanks! 

Reasons to use your Checklist

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Reason 1

    Increase your self-confidence & self-worth…YOU MATTER! 

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Reason 2

Discovering what lies beneath the surface…YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF.

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Reason 3

Learn to celebrate YOU!

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About Sonja Budreau

Sonja is a highly driven empowerment life and career coach  with over 20+ years professional experience in human resources, higher education, and coaching.  As a certified master coach, Sonja teaches and certifies using the NLP methods and she uses an integrated holistic coaching method to help her clients unleash their potential and empower their best selves to leverage their mind, body, heart, and spirit as their whole wellbeing.

She would be delighted to have you join her in her Embrace Your Empowered SELF facebook group or schedule a time to chat.