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Bulletproof Careers for Vets
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Professional Coach Certification Program. Classes offered every month.

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About Sonja

Sonja Budreau, MBA CMC

Sonja Budreau is the founder and master coach of Creative Consulting. The Be Your Own Hero Coach, Sonja Budreau is one of the TOP RANKING LinkedIn Professional Resume Writers, Hiring Authority, and Career Development Consultants serving clients Nationwide.

Watch for Sonja’s Career Success publication on the 2020 Career Development System designed by Dr. J. Paul Rand.

Nov 2019, This is Sonja visting the Hobbiton in New Zealand. She loves to travel.

areas of company

Be Your Own Hero Coaching Academy

The Be Your Own Hero Coaching Academy was started as a result of the coaching programs, certification course,  business building course for new coaches, and as a Master Coach provider representing Wainwright Global, Inc and her coaching school, Strategic Learning Alliance.  

Bulletproof Careers for Vets

This program is for active-duty military, civilians, veterans, spouses, and families. 

Master Coach Sonja has built a comprehensive career development and performance program to educate her clients on how to turn their military transition into a civilian transformation. 

The design of this program is based on teaching clients how to leverage their military skills, experiences, service, and training into discovering career purpose with a strategic career map to land into the career they deserve. 

This program covers every step of the career process to learn and apply using applied science learning methods incorporating the modern career development system.  

This program covers all the gaps that the Transition Assistance Program does not cover and is longer than the traditional three day TAP training.  

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