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Are you stuck in J.O.B? Seek a Career!

Be Your Own Hero Coach Tips: How to seek a career.

By: Sonja Rohn-Budreau, MBA

How many of you are in a J.O.B? A job, just over broke, as I call it. A J.O.B. where you are just a number, a commodity, being held back, not fulfilling your potential, just getting by, or stuck in a rut? Not sure what to do next? Does this sound like you? If so, you are not alone. I have several recommendations YOU can take control of your professional life to make positive progress in your career path and obtain a real career opportunity.

Here are 3 tips:

  1. Recession-Proof Yourself: always be networking with others and building your credibility. This can be quick and simple if you use an evidence-based approach. Check out this article I published recently called Job Networking Fails!
  2. Become an Applied Professional Scholar:  the knowledge you have obtained can be tested and measured by earning one of many certifications designed to enhance your soft skills, apply your expertise, and validate your abilities. I provide training as a certified master coach to others seeking to become certified. You too can be on this list of 10,000 independently certified coaches.
  3. Remember, Leadership is a Culture: are you a professional to be emulated? Are you aware of who is in your network, what is going on, and more importantly – do you know what is driving you professionally? What is YOUR Purpose? Next, investigate who is active in your immediate circle or identify the projects that you can engage, align, and visibly define your abilities (profitable-performance). To learn more about this FOLLOW RSolutions get a complimentary copy of Dr. J Paul Rand’s “Leadership is a culture” in 2020!

What is your professional reality? How would you like to seek a career you are passionate about and live your dream? In a recent article, Dr. J Paul Rand, (scholar and labor economist expert featured in Huffington Post outlets, Forbes, and other media outlets), and I explored how LinkedIn provides a great opportunity for professionals to find a career, increase their earning income potential, and be an active member in the ‘rise of the learning economy’. In order to find a career, be the professional that builds collaborative relationships and earn creditability for WHO you are. 

According to Rand, the reality to “brand yourself” is essentially BS!  One of the common misnomers many people make is failing to realize “Networking fails to get you a job and branding your professional role will not work! It is dependent on how you represent yourself on your profile, prospective employers, recruiters, and others.  Therefore, Rand says the key to seeking a career is to effectively apply your knowledge, leverage this to your advantage, and take the steps to advance your career path. 

In 2020, when I release my book on career development, it will be dedicated to removing the pain points from seeking a new career, mastering interviews, and maximizing how to be a professional on LinkedIn.

As Rand says, “the hard part is putting pen to paper, by partnering with a proven professional like Sonja and leveraging the evidence-based career-development – you will shine in your career seeking efforts while others are left begging for a J.O.B.”

My focus is to help you “Be Your Own Hero” and soar to excellence as a professional. I have been in your shoes! Over ten years ago, I set a goal to rise out of the corporate world to be my own boss. I worked with my mentor and created 3 specific goals to become a certified professional coach, college instructor, and entrepreneur. Through professional exploration, commitment, and dedication, I discovered that to be a professional, you Don’t Personal Brand first, Be Professional for Your Career Success!

Through Dr. Rand and learning how to effectively apply my knowledge, I learned how to create my Roadmap for my professional success, transformed myself, and be in control of my own destiny. As a result, I learned the difference of wanting out of my own J.O.B, just over broke, to believing in myself and being my own HERO! This has led me to a world of professional happiness, my own business, prosperity, wonderful clients, and the best network of individuals whom I continue to grow every day. 

Let me help you “Be your own hero” through coaching services whether you are looking at updating your resume, a promotion, interviewing for success, sealing the deal, negotiating the Compensation package you need, or even tackling a “new career” with an evidence-based, no branding-BS approach to career development using a proven system. 

Start the journey in 2020 with the Career Development System and my publication I am releasing exclusively through Orchard-Press at RSOLUTIONS. Follow us for pre-release access!

Sonja Rohn-Budreau, MBA CMC CPCN

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Sonja Rohn-Budreau, MBA CMC CPCN

Senior Executive Talent Acquisition Consultant, Professional Resume Writer, Hiring Authority SME, Career & Life Coach

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