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Coach Sonja

What can a coach do for me? A coach can unlock your potential to maximize your performance in all areas of life. As your coach, I will work with you using a variety of coaching methods, skills, and techniques to provide you with the opportunity to discover, learn, grow, develop, and transform into a better version of yourself! I will customize your coaching session to raise your awareness by asking questions to understand your fears, challenges, what goals you want to achieve, where you are currently in your life, and where you want to be. This will be a journey you and I will take together over a period of time to discover the best course of action to help you make positive changes in your life with a plan to use as your guide to continue on your path of success.

As human beings, we all have basic needs also called motivators that are interdependent of each other also known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The basic needs begin with the physiological level working up the pyramid to the self-actualization level. If you look at each level, can you identify where you are at? How high have you made it? I can tell you this has motivated me my entire life and this pyramid has always been the barometer in my life to help me identify where I am at. This pyramid has provided me with continuous motivation to preserver to be at the top! As your coach, I will help you identify where you are at and coach you to the top.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: the Theory of Human Motivation

The Theory of Human Motivation

Some of the main reasons to hire a professional coach could be you are at a crossroads in life, going through a difficult time, have lost your way, need guidance to discover who you really are and where you want to be. Or maybe you are in a dead-end job, have had a toxic boss, or have been in an unpleasant work environment? Does any of these sound like you?

Or you could be a new graduate from high school, college, or graduate school. Possibly you are unemployed or underemployed. Maybe you are transitioning from the military or a civil service position and too young to retire? Or you are looking for a career change or just re-entering the workforce? Maybe you have relocated and life is handing you to much to handle? Or is life a bed of roses for you?

The Process. As a professional coach, I will assess the areas of your life to learn what makes you truly happy, uncover your gifts, and help you discover the areas of greatest fulfillment

You are your own hero!!!

Coach Sonja

Then as we partner together, I will guide you to create actionable goals to move toward achieving results while providing encouragement. I will focus on your personal strengths, values, and talents.  As well as uncovering what obstacles are in your path. At this point, we will partner together to create actionable steps to keep you moving toward your goals.

Professional Services. If you are looking for a professional career strategist or business consultant, I have many diverse talents, over 30 years of professional experience, a graduate-level education, and skills to competently provide you with a customized plan that works for you. In addition, as an experienced professional in areas of career development, job placement, recruitment, customer service, college instruction, professional sales, other areas of human resources, higher education operations, and entrepreneurial business ventures, I will conduct assessments to understand your competencies, knowledge, skills, abilities and your preferences.

The professional services I will provide will be focused on career development such as resume review resume rewrites, job search strategies, interview preparation, salary negotiations, and other career topics.

What are the benefits of hiring Creative Consulting? The benefits of hiring Creative Consulting as you will have the best of both, you will have an expert to provide you with coaching and consulting.

Here are the benefits I am offering you:

  • Discover your career goals
  • Build your confidence and personal brand
  • A safe environment and support will be provided with non-judgmental guidance
  • Consistency & structure with regular coaching sessions
  • Develop a customized career plan and provide reminders to achieve goals. 
  • Zoom meetings online, phone calls, and in-person meetings (for Local Clients Only).
  • Group Sessions and/or Meetings
  • Training Class or Boot Camp online or in-person
  • Articles and Free Resources
  • Invitation to Social Media Group.

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