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Don’t Personal Brand first, Be Professional for Your Career Success!

Be Your Own Hero Coach Tips: How to Succeed as a LinkedIn Professional

By: Sonja Rohn-Budreau
Be Your Own Hero Coach

Personal branding is everywhere you look on the social media platforms including the #1 largest professional network, LinkedIn has over 610 million members and most LinkedIn members are EMPLOYEES. (LinkedIn, 2019). 

So, how can employees utilize the largest professional social network and achieve professional success? Many try personal branding but does personal branding actually work?

Not for the millions of professionals on LinkedIn.  There are the “personal branding gurus” types who will happily sell you products, build your brand for you, or show you how to build your personal brand. Finding the right guru is the tricky part.  Therefore, the first step is to become actively engaged on LinkedIn as a Professional! Here are a few reasons LinkedIn can help you as a professional:


(LinkedIn, 2019)

Therefore, LinkedIn is the avenue to successfully build a career not just “sell yourself on a JOB” (Job Networking Fails!)

Recently, I met with Dr J Paul Rand (hyperlink) in advance of my 2020 publication. He is a renowned research scholar with multiple articles trending under hashtags such as #humanresouces (see here – hyper link to an article link I will send you). He is featured as an SME in organizational leadership by the Business Journal and a leadership author in the Puget Sound Business Journal (hyper links to both to be provided). I asked Dr. Rand on his thoughts on personal branding, and here is what I learned:

1) Be professional, stop listening to marketers: to be professional means “always be networking for a career, not begging for a job” says Rand (article here – hyperlink to the first one)

2) Awareness: be focused on quality engagement with your network. Effective professionals use LinkedIn to like, share, comment, and participate in discussion around ideas, thoughts, articles. They are seeking knowledge by being engaged, understanding what’s important in their community, and social network.

3) Balance: as employees, being quiet is not being professional. You have an obligation to represent ideas, thoughts, and learn through participation, passively watching from the side lines is not balancing your role and reputation. This does not mean liking everything on a thread and moving on, to be balanced as a professional means “spending 15-30 minutes a day reviewing your feed, asking questions, engaging with thought leaders, reading articles and asking questions about them – thought provoking questions to gain more insight” says Rand.

4) Cultivate: by being engaged in professional discussion you create a vibrant network, one that you can share ideas, pass along opportunities, and promote the good work of others. This is key in understanding “why networking fails to get you a job” (hyperlink) says Rand in a recent article.

Professional – what does it mean? According to Rand in his coming publications City of Companies and CultureROI to “be professional requires effective application of knowledge… the ability to find simple clarity by focusing on topics that are fun, meaningful, and improve your performance.” Therefore, make the focus on being authentic and genuine, building your usefulness and value by sharing helpful tips, publishing content, engaging in your network, and growing your relationships organically.  You do not want to rely on LinkedIn at the last minute in the hour of desperation to get a J.O.B.  and be Just Over Broke! 

Use LinkedIn to always be networking (hyperlink to article) and find your focus as a professional. When it comes time to seek a new career, or advance as a professional, be sure to leverage the tips I share by FOLLOWING RSOLUTIONS (hyper link) for complimentary access to my articles, subscription free access to Dr Rands regular features in multiple media outlets, and get the most out of quality, evidence-based, and proven career-development solutions that ensure you build a career…. and do not stay stuck in a J.O.B.

My focus is to help you “Be Your Own Hero” and to succeed as a professional, thought leader, or both! As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), I have spent the last year mastering an evidence-based system called the “Career Development Solution” which are a set of tools to MAP your career.

This system was designed by Dr J Paul Rand, endorsed by over 1200 HR professionals, members of the DoD/VA, and multiple university program providers when it was originated in the heart of the Great Recession. As the system worked to impact and influence the hiring of thousands of veterans in one of the worst economies ever, I have dedicated myself to understanding every inch of this method to coach, teach, and lead you to your future self.

Where do you want to be in 2020?  Are you ready for a promotion? Or prepare for a career transition? Job Interview Strategy?  Applying to college or graduate school?  Do you need a professional statement or essay for a fellowship, college application or scholarship? Or is it time to update your resume? Now is the time to prepare!  I am your go-to source as a TOP RANKING @ LinkedIn Resume Writer, Hiring Authority, and Career Consultant. Watch for my coming publication and contact me to put the self-directed Career Development System to work for you, contract me save you 20+ hours and ensure you get a 4-fold increase on resume views, interviews, and career offers.

For those of you in professional transition or planning for a future move, I know how to recession-proof your career. As a Professional Resume Writer, HR Professional, Career and Professional Coach with over 13 years’ experience, I can provide you with a unique perspective from Entry-Level to Executive CEO Level Professionals as well as Military or Veterans. 

Sonja Rohn-Budreau, MBA CPC

Be Your Own Hero Coach

Creative Consulting Owner,

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Soar to Excellence with Creative Consulting! Now is the Time to Recession-Proof Your Career! Take Control of Your Professional Success!”

Be Your Own Hero! Now is your chance. Join me today!

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