Career Success Kit

Hello from Creative Consulting! 
I am now offering a CAREER SURVIVAL Webinar providing a FREE Career Coaching Strategy Session.  Now is the time to recession-proof your career and together, WE can achieve this!  In addition, I will be introducing the career development system (CDS). The CDS was instrumental in Veterans successfully landing jobs during the Great Recession! The Veterans made this program proudly their own and strategically partnered with other veterans struggling to find work (long after their military transition). 

Every Tuesday Evening at 6 p.m. EST

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The CDS has been vetted by 1300 HR Professionals, Veterans, DoD, VA., Amazon, Boeing, Starbucks, and many other great organizations. Thanks to the leading human performance SME and labor economist, Dr. J Paul Rand and Associates of RSolutions Holdings PLLC for relaunching the 2020 version of the CDS.  In addition, over this last year, I have partnered with Rand to add more research to relaunch the updated CDS 2020 program. 

More information on the complete Career Success Program can be found on

Tuesday, May 5th
6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Next date will be posted Wednesday, May 6th