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Job Networking Fails!

Be Your Own Hero Coach Tips:  How to Succeed at Job Networking

By: Sonja Rohn-Budreau, Be Your Own Hero Coach

Recently, I was discussing with Dr. J Paul Rand, a well-cited scholar of workforce development, labor economics, and awarded authority in hiring, the importance of networking for a job.  He replied, “Networking for a job fails! It does not work for most job seekers as there are barriers to reaching the actual decision-makers for a job opportunity.”

Networking can be successful by simply following these tips and investing up to 10 minutes daily.

  • AWARE of Who, First:  be aware of who is in your network and who is actively publishing articles. Select articles of interests, read, and post a comment.  Even more, share their article on your page for your followers to read and include #hashtags. 
  • Be Balanced in your engagement: “LinkedIn is not for job seekers, it is a platform for career and professional development,” said Rand. Don’t just passively like a few articles. When you engage interesting posts, receive a notification when someone in your network has started a new position or earned a promotion, congratulate them!  Even better, personalize your message! This will definitely generate kind remarks and reinforce your connection with your contact. Do this at least twice a week, all still within a 15-minute daily routine!
  • Career Cultivation: After implementing these networking tips, continue to successfully engagement daily – no matter how small the participation is.  Align with others maybe who are involved in interesting things, read their post, engage periodically so they see your interest. You build professional relationships this way – not a brand as some may lead you to believe. You learn from your network, too. 

In short, Rand said, “the psychology of success is built by doing something small every day. Networking for a job was the subject of several labor market studies I conducted in 2009, 2011, 2013, and then again with a team from my Think Tank RSolutions in 2017-2018. Networking for a JOB is no different than begging for work…” Together we outlined these tips based on multiple studies he has conducted with hiring authorities, recruiters, and job seekers, as a recognized labor market SME (

  “Instead, ALWAYS BE NETWORKING to build a professional career,” Rand says. Brand doesn’t matter, but professionalism is everything. Curious as to why? Watch for a publication I am co-authoring for 2020 by following me! Follow RSOLUTIONS for the publication announcement soon!

By working daily to demonstrate intent as a professional you build awareness of who you are, balance your participation to be more than job-specific but focused on articles, content, news that is of wide interest, and cultivate your network with routine reach by doing more than a basic like. Ask question. Learn. And post articles, share news feeds and contribute. By doing this you are always networking to build a career… and you will never need to worry about all the data proving networking for a JOB fails.

I wrote this in my effort this year to help professionals proactively take steps to recession-proof their career and set you up for success as you prepare you for the day you may need to look a professional career change, not just a J.O.B., just over broke!  Please contact me if I can help you when you are looking to apply for a promotion or take a turn in your career. I provide resume services but also access to an evidenced-based system that will direct you not to just get a job but for how to always be networking to grow your career!

I live and love this stuff daily so you can have a trusted expert as a go-to!

For those of you in professional transition or planning for a future move, I know how to recession-proof your career.  As a Master Empowerment Career and Life Coach, Professional Resume Writer, HR Professional with over 20 years’ experience, I can provide you with a unique perspective from professionals to C-Suite, Military transitioning Civilians, Veterans, and Civil Servants.  

Sonja Rohn-Budreau, MBA CPC

Be Your Own Hero Coach

Creative Consulting Owner,

“Soar to Excellence with Creative Consulting! Now is the Time to Recession-Proof Your Career! Take Control of Your Professional Success!”

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