You can become a professional certified life coach
in 16 hours of training.

How to Become a Certified Professional Coach

About Professional Certification Program

This program was designed by Barbara Wainwright, master coach and founder of Wainwright Global, Inc. 

Barbara developed this in response to providing an affordable coaching certification solution utilizing an immersion learning method backed by applied science. 



Obtain the training you need 

to become a Certified Professional 

Life Coach with our LIVE ONLINE 


This is a 16-hour certified 

proven system of coaching with a 

highly interactive applied learning 


Success of Program

The Wainwright Method of Coaching has been extremely successful and it has been taught to over 10,000 students worldwide.  Furthermore, you will be trained in 16 hours, and your CPC® Professional Coaching credential issued by SLA. ~ Certificate of Professional Coaching. 

What is Professional Coaching?

Certified Professional Coach Requirements

To become a professional coach, you do not have to have a college degree or training in a specific field. 

The two key areas that will help you build your foundation as a coach are from life and work experiences. 

In addition, having a desire to probe and ask questions to help clients get to their “WHY” to strategically map out a plan of action to help clients get past their roadblocks they may be experiencing as well as holding them accountable.   

Delivery of Program

Daytime or Weekend Class Offering: 

  • Offered Monday – Thursday, 4 hrs per session per day. 
  • Offered Saturday & Sunday. Two 8-hour sessions
  • Trained & Certified in 1 Week or Weekend (16 hours of training)
  • 1 homework assignment
  • Portfolio submission to Strategic Learning Alliance (To be completed within 30 days of the online course).x

Benefits of Professional Coaching

Do you have a sincere passion to help others?  Are you ready to kiss your dead-end job goodbye and be your own boss? 

Let me share with you the 5 benefits of becoming a coach: 

  1.  Flexible Schedule 
  2. Unlimited income. You set the fees and choose the coaching services to offer. 
  3. With over 6 Billion people on the planet and no boundaries, you can support clients from around the world.  There is always a demand for coaching services. 
  4. World Crisis & Uncertain times, coaching is adaptable to each situation and is recession-proof. 
  5. Very rewarding to transform one life at a time. 

A Professional Coach is

“A person who counsels or motivates others in the achievement of personal objectives such as choosing or changing careers, improving relationships, setting goals, and determining priorities.” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

What is ICF Accreditation?

International Coaches Federation (ICF) doesn’t report and isn’t accountable to any higher authority. They are self-established, self-accredited, and self-regulated. They set standards and rules for coaching and identified themselves as the overseer of those rules.

Types of Coaches

Types of Niches – there are over 101+ areas a coach can specialize in for almost every kind of situation, goal, or challenge. Common Coaching Niches: Relationships Business Success/Performance Career Mindset Life Spiritual Dating Transformational Health Anxiety & Depression PTSD Fitness Weight Loss Cancer This is not an exhaustive list but it will give you an idea of some areas to choose from. In addition, 2020 coaching has become more of a “necessity” than a “luxury” This is the ultimate time to become a life coach!

What is the accreditation difference in between SLA & ICF?

Affordability Difference ICF = 120 Training, 40 hours of mentoring SLA = 16 hours of training ICF has increased the costs to the point that certification is not affordable for most.

What is Strategic Learning Alliance Accreditation?

Strategic Learning Alliance (SLA) established an evidence-based method to identify the needs of the industry based on student’s and client’s perspectives. In doing so, SLA continuously tested against the Department of Education, the AACSB, and the Society of Human Resource Management’s standards and desired competencies. SLA spent a decade testing, measuring, and demonstrating adherence to their performance needs in addition to the expectations of students and clients to establish the independent measurements. SLA had continuously maintained that adherence for a decade before establishing their independent authority based on those standards-based efforts. In addition, SLA’s curriculum has been accredited with the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB) through Seattle Pacific University.

Affordable Solution

Wainwright Method of Coaching is easy to learn and easy to use. During the 16 hour course, you not only learn to coach, but you also receive coaching. That means, you will leave the class with a clear vision of where YOU want to go, what you want to do, when you want to do it by, how you will get it done, and who you would like to do it with.

The Key of Immersion Learning

“Experiencing coaching from both the client’s perspective as well as the coach’s perspective is imperative to understanding the impact you will make with your clients” as stated by Barbara Wainwright