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   This program is designed for:
  • college students
  • graduates
  • professionals
  • career changers
  • civil servants
  • foreign nationals
  • active-duty military
  • civilians & veterans

This program will provide each client with the confidence, drive, clarity, and direction to successfully execute multiple strategies to navigate your career life cycle and your life. 

Program Purpose

  • Guide & Empower You
  • Obtain Life Purpose 
  • Mindset Shift  & Clarity
  • Define Professional Vision 
  • Develop Career Strategic MAP 
  • Create Momentum & Elevate Confidence
  • Leverage Knowledge, Experience, & Skills
  • Maximize Future Success 

Course Goals

  • Discover your authentic self with assessments.
  • Discover your professional passion and research occupations
  • Identify your career goals
  • Polish your professional brand,
  • Learn how to effectively conduct a job search strategy,
  • Build your interviewing skills
  • Confidently sealing the deal with the job offer.


Program Features

Program Schedule

  • Meet 3 weeks for group coaching and teaching sessions
  • 1 week integration week (apply what you have learned) 
  • Sessions will be scheduled in the afternoon or early evenings. 
  • 9+ months

Program Includes: (Value)

  • 1 Group Coaching Sessions Weekly ($200)
  • 1 College Level Class Weekly ($250)
  • 1 Intake Session ($400)
  • New Professional Resume ($350)
  • Updated Linkedin Profile ($200)
  • Customized Workbook and Self Assessments. ($1997)
  • Modern Career Development System ($997)
  • Modern Career Development Templates  ($200)
  • Unlimited Email Support  ($30/week)
  • Slack Discussion Channel ($20/week)

TOTAL VALUE  = $ 10,000+              *Calculated on 4 weeks per month for weekly features.  

Career Success Workbook
Career Success is about discovering your passion, creating your action plan, and working with clarity, intention, and a positive mindset. It starts with believing in your natural gifts, knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Over your lifetime you have acquired more skills then you realize, and this will be a journey of exploration to help you find out who you are NOW and who you want to become in your FUTURE.
Are you ready to enroll? Contact me at sonja@creativeconsultingindy.com #Beyourownceo

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