Be you Own Hero Coaching Workshops

"Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
Thomas Edison

Design Your Dream Career Workshop

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   90 Minutes of Career Coaching

  • Explore what makes you happy professionally 
  • Discover what has been missing from your career. 
  • Identify Your Barriers  & Your Value
  • What is Your Next Career Move
  • Gain New Perspective & Peace of Mind

 Elevate your career with the support of a certified career coach.  

Schedule a strategy call for yourself or group today.

Whether it’s on a resume, in an interview, during professional networking, or casual sit-down, your personal brand follows you everywhere.

Learn how to:

  • Craft your story
  • Identify your worth
  • Sell your value

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Personal Branding Workshop

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Kickstart Goal Annual Planning Workshop

T h e  K i c k s t a r t  G o a l  A c t i o n   P l a n n e r ™

Learn how to:

  1. C r e a t i n g  y o u r  A n n u a l V i s i o n  S t a t e m e n t
  2. S e l f – D i s c o v e r y  A s s e s s m e n t
  3. I d e n t i f y  Y o u r  V a l u e s
  4. S e t t i n g  S M A R T  G O A L S
  5. C r e a t i n g  y o u r  A n n u a l  A c t i o n  P l a n
  6. C r e a t e  2 0 2 1  G o a l  M a p

     Schedule a strategy call for yourself or group today.

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Other Workshops Coming Soon

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   This program is designed for:
  • college students
  • graduates
  • professionals
  • career changers
  • civil servants
  • foreign nationals
  • active-duty military
  • civilians & veterans

This program will provide each client with the confidence, drive, clarity, and direction to successfully execute multiple strategies to navigate your career life cycle and your life. 

Program Purpose

  • Guide & Empower You
  • Obtain Life Purpose 
  • Mindset Shift  & Clarity
  • Define Professional Vision 
  • Develop Career Strategic MAP 
  • Create Momentum & Elevate Confidence
  • Leverage Knowledge, Experience, & Skills
  • Maximize Future Success 

Course Goals

  • Discover your authentic self with assessments.
  • Discover your professional passion and research occupations
  • Identify your career goals
  • Polish your professional brand,
  • Learn how to effectively conduct a job search strategy,
  • Build your interviewing skills
  • Confidently sealing the deal with the job offer.


Program Features

Program Schedule

  • Meet 3 weeks for group coaching and teaching sessions
  • 1 week integration week (apply what you have learned) 
  • Sessions will be scheduled in the afternoon or early evenings. 
  • 9+ months

Program Includes: (Value)

  • 1 Group Coaching Sessions Weekly ($200)
  • 1 College Level Class Weekly ($250)
  • 1 Intake Session ($400)
  • New Professional Resume ($350)
  • Updated Linkedin Profile ($200)
  • Customized Workbook and Self Assessments. ($1997)
  • Modern Career Development System ($997)
  • Modern Career Development Templates  ($200)
  • Unlimited Email Support  ($30/week)
  • Slack Discussion Channel ($20/week)

TOTAL VALUE  = $ 10,000+              *Calculated on 4 weeks per month for weekly features.

Career Success Workbook

3 Program Plans 

9 month program
1.   Paid-in-Full

2.  3 Payments = 1st 3 months 

3.  Monthly Payments

3 Investment Options

1.  $4500.00, 1 pymt.+

2. $4950.00, 3 pymts/3 mo. =  $1650.00

3. $5445.00,  9 pymts/9 mo. =  $605.00

Career Success is about discovering your passion, creating your action plan, and working with clarity, intention, and a positive mindset. It starts with believing in your natural gifts, knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Over your lifetime you have acquired more skills then you realize, and this will be a journey of exploration to help you find out who you are NOW and who you want to become in your FUTURE.
Are you ready to enroll? Contact me at #Beyourownceo

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